Hey Wannabes this is me, Devin. 

Even Barbie has a heart.

Hey Wannabes,

Welcome to my blog! Or rather, the mish-mosh website I throw together and call a “blog” but is really just a millennial’s excuse to get people to read about my life. Sometimes I’m hilarious and want people to know about it, and sometimes I want to give out some really well thought out advice that I’ll never take myself but hope someone will.

If you’re wondering, I was given the nickname barbie in P.E. my freshman year of high school and trust me when I say it was NOT a compliment.  I would be running laps in P.E. (or rather walking very slowly and hiding behind tree’s so my teacher wouldn’t notice I wasn’t running the laps) and some weird boy would run past me and whisper in my ear “Hey Barbie can I be your Ken?” or my personal fav “Hey Barbie can I take a ride in your pink barbie car?” First of all, EW. Second of all, that is a huge generalization. And THIRD of all I didn’t even have my licence.  I had never thought of myself as much of a barbie, I wasn’t even that blonde. I was lanky and awkward and was in the middle of growing out my side bangs (we’ve all been there.) It was creepy and in hindsight was super sexist and inappropriate. Little did I know this was just the begging of the long road to womanhood (woopty-do.)

Now, in my 20’s and a completely different version of myself then I was as a freshman, I still hold on to this strange form of torment. It should have been a compliment but it had a strange dramatic undertone I could never shake. I will never be a Barbie. Aside from it being physically impossible (I would fall over) I really hate the idea of being as perfect as Barbie. It’s just another impossible standard woman look up to but will never reach (and really, do we need any more of those??)  I’m weird and self conscious and own too many articles of clothing for any of them to be cool. But whatever right? I look at myself every time I pass a mirror, I obsess over my eye brows, I wish I could get lip injections but I’m way too scared for a needle to be that close to my face. I love LA but hate the ridiculous culture that consumes the people in it and I’m JUST trying to get through all the bullsh*t. Aren’t we all? idk


I don’t know what I’m doing ever but hey, who does?

So lets me clueless together,Barbie wannabes ❤



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