4/7/17 7:14pm

About to be reckless and drive 4 1/2 hours to Vegas to meet up with my boyfriend. I’m driving up with my best friend and even she thinks its a questionable, but necessary decision. You don’t turn down a FREE presidential sweet at the Venetian when it’s offered to you. You just don’t. One think about my friend Nicole is that her judgment is on point and she’s one of those people where luck follows her around like a shadow. I always look to her to know if something is a good idea or not and when I called her at 5pm on a Friday she was all for it. 

I have $21.89 in my bank account and we’re picking pb&j supplies on the way because buying food is out of the question (besides we’re on a Coachella diet.)

I’m honestly just shocked that my mom (who is in the other room playing candy crush on her phone) hasn’t told me this is a bad idea yet. I’m the type of person who seeks approval from authority figures and hates breaking rules. My mom’s approval on this very last minute excursion is important to me and I’ve gotten zero reaction from her.

I guess this is the type of thing you’re supposed to do in your 20’s right? I hope so.

Here goes nothing!

Keep you updated Wannabe’s



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