Saint Laurent @ The Hollywood Palladium 

On Wednesday I had the privilege of attending my FIRST EVER fashion show. The Saint Laurent show (and after party) exceeded all my expectations and more. It was truly a magical experience that I’ll remember forever. After all, what girl doesn’t remember her first fashion show right? 10 years of watching Project Runway and keeping up with fashion blogs and pop culture magazines has lead me to this point. Basically, it’s the pinochle of my existence so far. The glitz, the glam, the celebs, the tiny models.. All of it took my breath away.

It was SO amazing that I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best things about the night and show in general. If you’re a wannabe like me, you’ll appreciate it.

  1. The event itself was so GLAM and well put together I could die: the champagne, the fancy place cards with celebs names on them, the red carpet (that was actually black) all created an undeniably ~cool~ vibe. I couldn’t help but feel like I was in an episode of Gossip Girl. ( Does that make me Blair or Serena?)
  2. I was 2 ft. away from Justin Bieber: I HATE to be THAT girl, but guys I couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t expecting to be so star struck and it all happened to suddenly. I was totally in his way as he was trying to navigate through all the photographers to his seat but I really couldn’t pull myself together fast enough to move out of his way.
  3.  MEANWHILE I was standing right next to Lady Gaga and I had no idea because she looked like a crazy 80’s cat lady! I’m not sure if she was making a fashion statement or trying to stay incognito… Regardless she looked like a hot mess.
  4. It was the first YSL show to be held in LA. I read in Vogue that Hedi Slimane (the head honcho of YSL rn apparently) was paying homage to it being the 50th anniversary of a show Yves did in Paris. The show was set in Paris when that was the center of youth culture. Now, 50 years later, Slimane thinks of LA as being the new frontier for youth culture in art, fashion, and music. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, this made me kind of proud of my city and how transgressive, but also original it is.
  5. Men’s wear and woman’s wear together as one! The show was the 2016 fall menswear line and pt. 1 of womenswear. There was a theme of androgyny that seems to be the new trend in fashion. All the models, male or female, were babiscally the same size and had similar hair and makeup. For most of the show I couldn’t tell one from the other. which at first was kiiiiind of confusing, but also SO incredibly cool. I feel like this is the new wave of fashion where the gender lines are blurred and where fashion is no longer just for girls.
  6. The Jackets: the collection to me seemed very 80’s inspired with big belts, shoulder pads, and glitter. But more modern of course. My mom has been telling me that shoulder pads are going to come back in style for YEARS, and now finally the day has come. (It’s you’re time to shine mom!) I’m not even exaggerating when I tell you that I wanted EVERY jacket that walked the runway. Shoulder pads, glitter and all. It was like David Bowie’s spirit threw up all over the runway. In a good way.
  7. The after party performances: Father John Misty, Beck, and Joan Jett were just a few of the performances at the after party.
  8. Everyone there was so trendy I couldn’t keep up! I wore all black to stay on the safe side (it was my first fashion event after all) but after seeing what everyone else was wearing, I was kind of upset I didn’t wear my pink fur coat or my bedazzled pants.
  9. Free food guys, free food: Not just free, but GOOD food. Mini tacos, mini noodle plates, mini burgers, mini everything! And it was great. These are the little things that make me happy.
  10. Everyone that attended the event, even the non famous ones like myself, were so nice and cool. I met this one super trendy girl with silver hair in the bathroom line who I’ll be Instagram friends with forever. And a very nice man (I think his name was Kevin???) who carried me across the street when my feet hurt so bad I couldn’t get to my uber.

Moral of the story, the night was amazing and I hope there will be many more like it to come.
Peace out Wannabies ✌🏼️

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