Super Bowl? What Super Bowl? 

If you’re like me, the Super Bowl is just not your thing. I personally have never been a sports fan and I don’t really care to  try and understand the game of football while people scream at a TV like a pack of monkeys. No matter how good the snacks are. To be honest I didn’t even know the Super Bowl was this Sunday until a friend of mine asked me what my plans were. Obviously I have no plans.

For past Super Bowls I have stressed about what party to attend and when to avoid the 101 freeway, (which BTW is closed this weekend so WATCH OUT) but this year I have a different approach. I just don’t give a f***k

Why stress on a Sunday? Sunday’s are reserved for mimosas and sleeping in and brunch. None of which have any place at a Super Bowl party. I’m going to stay home, avoid the living room of my house where the TV is, maybe go on a hike and enjoy nature and NOT get a headache from the football announcer guys SUPER annoying voice.

Because let’s be honest, there are so many things I would rather be doing then getting drunk on couch watching sports. I’ve taken the liberty of providing you guys with some suggestions:

  1. Read a book! How many times have you picked up a good book to read only to put it down because you don’t have time?! Plus, reading is way better for your brain than football.
  2. Go shopping. The mall will probably be empty anyways. What better time to treat yourself?
  3. Do homework (?) idk I should probably do this but who knows if that will happen. Still a better use of your time though..
  4. Adopt a puppy! (From a shelter of course! So many animals need homes!!)
  5. Farmer’s markets!! This is something you can do any Sunday but this Sunday in particular.
  6. Volunteer for a cause you care about more then your significant other cares about football.
  7. New episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Don’t hate me, or do… But even THIS will be better then the super bowl.

You get the point right? If you feel so enclined to know what’s happening during the game, I’m sure someone will be live tweeting it. That’s how I prefer my news anyways.

I hope your Sunday is filled with anything but football 😉

Good luck Wannabies,

Xoxo Dev

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