Coachella 2016 Style Predictions 

Coachella over the years has become a style epicenter of inspiration. From Vanessa Hudgens to the Jenner Sisters, countless style blogs and fashion obsessed freaks like myself become obsessed with the outfits seen at Coachella. Last year it was flash tattoos and pattern bell bottom pants, the year before it was flower crowns and fringe. These styles whether it be on a celebrity or just a super cool chick, leave a lasting impression on style for the rest of the year. It’s come to the point where (maybe this is just LA but it may as well be the entire country) Coachella has become its own season of clothing. We have winter, fall, spring, Coachella, and summer. I’m not even kidding. It’s a big deal people! So I’d like to go on record with my Coachella style predictions for 2016!

  1. Micheal Kors mini backpacks: because nothing says ~desert rave~ like a few hundred dollar backpack.
  2. Sunglasses with 3D flowers: Thank you Kendall Jenner circa 2013 for this super cute style that will for sure be copied on countless tiny flower children.
  3. Gladiator Sandals: I’m for sure wearing mine and I consider myself a ~trendy~ individual so I’m assuming I won’t be the only one looking like a gladiator.
  4. Giant flower totems: totems are a rave culture fashion thing and also a good way to know where your friends are. It’s a great idea until you’re the one stuck holding it. Also Vanessa Hudgens had one 2014 as well as every EDC goer in the Sahara tent.
  5. Gem Bindis: you can bet money on the fact that 1/5 white girls will have a gem glued to the middle of their forehead. (I’ll probably be one of them but so not the point!)
  6. For Love And Lemons Bra worn as shirt: If this is you then congrats. You spent $100+ on a bra that will probably be ruined by the end of the weekend. It’s trendy, I get it. But maybe we can be a little more original with our lace bra choices and also more economical.
  7. One Piece bathing suit with kimono: because this is something that’s accepted in the Coachella community
  8. Gun’s and Roses Vintage concert T’s: every 20 something wants to pretend like we are old enough to know their music or care that they are headlining. It’s all an act.
  9. Bare feet: also accepted in the Coachella community but it’s SUPER gross. Trust me.
  10. Cow Boy Boots: it happens every year and I don’t understand why. You’re a week or two early for stage coach.
  11. Jens Pirate Booty tube top/ tunic: Another ridiculously expensive clothing item that everyone and their mother will be wearing
  12. Pasties: For whatever reason there are a large number of people that have decided that pasties are an acceptable article of clothing.
  13. Boys in cargo shorts: probably frat boys who are also #fuqboyz
  14. Man buns: Because Coachella is home to the hipsters.
  15. Adidas: people who can’t afford yeezy’s
  16. Yeezy’s: People who paid a ridiculous amount for a workout sneaker and want to show that off (to those of you who will end up wearing your yeezy’s to Coachella, my advise to you is to not do that. They will get ruined, and you will be sad)
  17. Half up top bun: You know know what I’m talking about right? The girls who don’t want to put all their hair up (probably me) so they put half of their hair in a messy bun on top their head.

And there you have it, my 2016 style predictions. Will do a follow up post to see if I’m right 😉


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