Things I Probably Should Have Known (pt.1)

  1. Life is so not a box of chocolates
  2. You’re incapable of falling in love at 15. (especially if you still have side bangs)
  3. Side bangs are okay if you part your hair in a normal spot. not all the way over by your ear.
  4. There is always such a thing as too much eye liner.
  5. Just because everyone has an ugly American Apparel skirt doesn’t mean you need one too.
  6. Nothing is cool because everyone likes it.
  7. Boys are dumb. no matter how hold they are or their grade point average.
  8. Don’t do something to make yourself feel “mature”
  9. Stay a kid for as long as humanly possible.
  10. Don’t shut your mom out to be cool.
  11. Your mom is always cooler then you.
  12. Just because it’s $1 doesn’t mean it’s cute.
  13. Just because its $300 doesn’t mean it’s cute.
  14. 80’s romcoms will always understand you more then modern social media
  15. It’s okay to cry and eat popcorn all day.
  16. It’s okay to care way too much.
  17. It’s okay to not care at all.
  18. You should probably put some thought into cutting all your hair off before you get to the hairdresser.
  19. Don’t spend all your money at a flea market.
  20. Revenge is overrated.

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