An Ode to My Tumblr.

In High School my Tumblr. ( was my safe haven, my happy place, and the worlds best procrastination tool. I was never very serious about it or even had a lot of followers (I doubt my actual friends and followers in life even looked at it) but it was there for me in my teen angst time of need when you have a lot to say and not a lot of people listening to you. Tragically, my time with my Tumblr. has come to an end as my 20 year old self can not for the life of me remember the password my 14 year old self came up with. It’s almost ironic how my time with Tumblr. is also coinciding with my time as a teenager. It makes me sad but mostly nostalgic. So, when I transition to my new computer I say goodbye to my teens as well as the auto login to my Tumblr. My Tumblr. will be but a distant memory of my youth and the person I once was. Mostly it consists of things I thought were trendy and pictures of myself before they were considered “selfies.” I remember being really proud of my posts and reposts and feeling like I belonged to something. It may have only been an online community of boarder line suicidal teens, but these were “my people.” Tumblr. was the place I could go for inspiration for what I was going to wear to school the next day or what I should make the background on my computer screen (currently a baby polar bear) Tumblr. was were I went to find myself.

With that I say goodbye Tumblr, you will be deeply missed.

It should also be noted that loosing my Tumblr. was what inspired me to create my blog in the first place and shares a URL so it can haunt me forever 🙂

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